I have been creating websites, developing successful marketing strategies and running online advertising campaigns for over 15 years.

I live in Moscow and work with the Russian market for over 10 years, I have extensive experience in various fields including B2B services and products sales.
Hi! I am Fabio,
Marketing for foreign companies in Russia
Great international experience
I worked in many countries and with international organizations in Russia.

I fluently speak:
Russian, English, Spanish and Italian languages.
Some of my clients and partners
Design & content
Advertising & SMM
Other services
Front/Back-End projects
from 150 000 ₽
Mobile applications
from 100 000 ₽
Analytics and information gathering
Applications prototypes, UI/UX interface design
Testing and promotion
Websites and langind pages
from 40 000 ₽
Creation of websites of any complexity
Structural elaboration, design
Layouts and analytics
Programming of complex elements, customization
Website integration with third-party services
Business logic and protorype building
Individual approach and creation of a customized design for each customer
Testing, project launch
Analytics, web-store creation and development
from 55 000 ₽
Logo development
from 15 000 ₽
Graphic Content
for SMM and banners
from 15 000 ₽
Print design (from business cards to catalogs)
Everything for advertising campaigns
Individual approach and creation of a customized design for each customer
Design development and layouts protorypes
from 5 000 ₽
Elaboration and detailing of the product idea
Creation of corporate materials and logos for new brands
Retail design and rebranding
Brand book development
from 25 000 ₽
Creation of corporate identity and structure
Development of the design, ideological and legal part
Layout and printing
Initial sketch development, logo drawing
Redesign of the old version of the logo, we work on the logo until the client's final approval
Bisiness design and logo registration
Audit of websites
and their marketing
from 15 000 ₽
SEO optimization
from 15 000 ₽
Optimization of every page of your website
Creating and content setup
Monthly analytics and reports
Targeted advertising
from 15 000 ₽
In Yandex.Direct and social networks
Creating and setup of advertising campaigns
Statistics collection, analysis and optimization
from 20 000 ₽
Regular publication of posts
Any social network
Always unique and creative content
Errors/mistakes Analysis
Find out what's wrong with your site
Get information on how to get into the TOP 10 Yandex and Google
Content promotion
from 25 000 ₽
Didn't find what you need?
Contact me now, i will most likely help!
Development and integration
from 20 000 ₽
Integrations with external third-party services
1C, CRM, document flow, Bitrix, Yandex and more
Business optimization
Creation of chat robots
from 20 000 ₽
Sales optimization
Support and AI automatic answers
Newsletters in messengers
Creation of a unique content plan and its implementation
Full blog running
SEO optimization for each article/new content
Don't know where to start but urgently need customers and sales growth?
I have solid knowledge
and long-term practical experience in these areas
Bookkeeping services
Beauty and Cosmetics
International companies
Audit companies
If you don't have a clear understanding of what you need, then do not hesitate and call! I will listen to you carefully, tell you about my services and explain in detail which optimal marketing strategy is best for you.
Leasing companies
Sale of commercial vehicles
Projects of any complexity
and programming
Working with the best technologies in Russia!
We successfully cooperate with various Russian IT platforms and have already implemented them in many projects of all levels of complexity.
Refinement, integration
and automation of 1C
Complex sites
and portals
Control and user panels
CRM systems
Case «Informauditservice»
Case «Pervouralsk Bank»
Creation of a website for the beauty center «RuNa»
Development of a marketing strategy and website for «Formula Business»
Case: IAS
Services provided:
«Informauditservice» LLC specializes in several areas of its work, has various corporate websites, blogs and web pages.
When we started consulting with the top management of the company, the site was in a bad state and it was decided to completely redo it. The previous advertising campaigns of accounting services did not bring the desired results. The Tilda platform was chosen to implement the new site, the work lasted two months, after the launch of the new site and the landing page for the service "Accounting Outsourcing" I set up and launched all advertising campaigns. Only after 2 months was needed an expansion of the sales department. Advertising of the accounting services began to attract new potential customers, we successfully developed the company's blog and its pages on social networks.
Work with Informauditservice lasted a year and a half. During this time, sales and the effectiveness of the marketing department have been drastically increased.

Team of professionals from my side involved in the work for Informauditservice LLC : me (Marketing Director), three designers, a programmer, a copywriter and an assistant/junior marketer.
Department «IAS Digital»
Department «RB IAS» audit services.
Provides services for robotization of business processes, processing of 1C products and automates the activities of leasing companies.
Included in the TOP-10 rating of companies in accounting and legal services, audit and business support in Russia.
The marketing of accounting services developed and implemented by me for Informauditservice brought the company to a new level. At the time of my departure, the website was receiving an average of 400 SEO clicks per day on the company's main pages and blog.
Targeted advertising
Content promotion
Case: Pervouralsk Bank
Services provided:
For new the financial products of PERVOURALSK BANK JSC, we used unprecedented strategies and approaches for lead generation. To do this, we needed additional new pages and advertising campaigns. Under my full leadership we developed the bank's ESG project - this is a new Western standard that significantly improves the business financial and ecological performances. Following the principles of ESG, the organizations improve corporate governance, form a responsible attitude towards the environment and improve relationships with customers, partners and investors.

For this project a separate website was created in English, presentations and a 140-page Power Point annual report.
For each new product we developed new individual marketing strategies, web pages, advertising campaigns (different for each product), integration with CRM and effective procedures for interacting with new leads.

In addition, we strictly observed the compliance of the Central Bank of Russia with regard to the work of banks and their websites.
Our relationship with Pervouralsk Bank lasted a year and a half and required additional cooperation of two designers, programmers and a copywriter.
Websites have been created for the bank's new products:
Case: RuNa
I started promoting the RuNa laser hair removal and body shaping clinic from scratch. First of all, we created a website with unique content and attractive design. We offered our customers four different design concepts and It took two weeks to develop the site.
I analyzed competitors, collected data on the target audience and compiled a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote RuNa's site, which was later successfully implemented by my team. The widest possible semantic core was collected, selling advertisements for Yandex Direct were created and SEO-optimization of the content for each page of the site was carried out. In addition to me, two designers and a copywriter took part on this gig.
Contact requests from clients began to arrive the very next day after the launch of the site even without connecting paid advertising, after setting up the advertising campaign in Yandex Direct, the number of clients at the clinic drastically increased.
How do you know if you need a new marketing strategy?
You will receive from us full information about:
First of all! What factors affect business
If the current advertising campaign effective or not
How your commpetitors promote their services
What consumers are willing to give their money for, what motivates them to buy
How customers perceive your business
If the budget being spent correctly
  • The budget is drained, but there is no result
  • Decreased sales and profitability
  • The old business strategy no longer works
  • Your company loses to competitors
  • You want to transform your business, open a new direction or start a project
My team
I only cooperate
with professional digital specialists.

Me along with team create successful marketing strategies that will take your business to the next level. We work with different business niches, bring real customers, increase sales and provide comprehensive marketing services. You get high-quality traffic that will bring you sales in the future
and income.

Our team consists of designers, marketers, programmers, analysts, copywriters, SMM managers, editors and other highly qualified specialists.
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