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  • your business is distressed in your native country now
  • you no longer want to open or run a business in the EU
  • you want to enlarge your business in a country with a juridically comfortable climate

EU's latest suicidal decisions have made it difficult or impossible to start or run a small business, the very high fees, taxes and utility bills just introduced will make it very hard to fulfill your dreams.
If you think that this is your case and you are thinking of moving to a country where doing business is actually a pleasure, you are in the right place! Get a free consultation today to get all the informations you need!

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Time for a change - Move to Russia
The EU has been placing sanctions on Russia that only hurts itself and it's population, specially in Europe, life and work are becoming more difficult everyday for everyone.

This is what's happening, just to recap...:
Crazy labor taxes, for many businesses it is difficult to hire specialized employees due to the taxes applied by the local governmet on their contracts, instead of cutting taxes, they raise the minimum wage.
Salese taxes, the partner that you didn't need, the government along with the banks get pretty much all your income and in exchange do little or nothing to help or support you.
NEW! Salty utility bills! Thanks to the close-to-suicide sanctions put on Russia, gas and electricity and now unpayable by many businesses that may soon bankrupt!
First covid, now sanctions, it's been tough latey! But you can't say that before all of this circus was much better, your income was always going somewhere else and you were anyway left with pennies in the best case... If you are a small business owner, you know!
You have been fed russophobic propaganda since forever, what if i tell you that it's mostly BS? Specially in some parts of Europe, even before Covid-19, things weren't actually much better, if you're thinking for a change...

A move to Russia is actually a great option! These area few good reasons:
Cheaper labor (and it's taxes)
Cheap electricity, gas and water
New payment-able client base
Choose your sales tax system, as low as 6%!
IT technologies and seervices efficiency that will surprise you
A government that actually supports you and your business
Nothing is missing, just like in Europe
Much cheaper cost of life
All you need to achieve your goals in Russia
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We can help obtaining your visa to enter Russia from any point of Europe, remember that a visa is not a right, but we offer a service of quality, safe and efficient. Your passport is in good hands!
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